Comparison between state and central government work (Differences)

During the search for a job, this question always arises in ones’ mind that is what is a central government job and a state government job?

In this article we will see the difference or we can say comparisons between this two government jobs.

The first and foremost difference is that the central government governs the whole country or nation’s authority, whereas the state government governs only the unit of government that is the specific state for specific state government.

Let’s begin:

The points that differ central to state government jobs:

The allowances makes a big difference between the central jobs and state jobs employees.
The central employees gets more allowances than the state employees. These allowances are also vary for the post of different state and central government job.

Let’s see these allowances accordingly:

a. Health Allowances differences:
Thus allowances also affect the employees as the state government employees get fewer health allowances than the central government employees.

b. Housing Allowance differences:
This Residential Allowance also makes a different effect for both the working employees but also make difference depending on cities. The central gets 30% or more allowances varying through places whereas state government’s employees get 15% allowances 

Now lets see about the leaves provided to the employees of both the government:

The state government can easily get leaves due to manpower whereas in central government employees get fewer leaves due to high responsibility of work and high authority.

Work environment:
In terms of working environment for the employees provided or established by both the governments. Central government provide better working environment than state government.

Transfer Liability:
The transfer of the workers is also one of the major differences between these two government jobs. Under state government, the transfer of employees would be under the particular state whereas under a central government the transfer of employees could be anywhere all over the country where respective offices are located except for group -IV.

Finally, it totally depends on the one who wishes to go for either of them. The state job is better if you want to be near your home and could visit often to your parents. Or central could also be a choice if you would like to visit new places and work in a new environment with different language speaking people and see the country.

These are some of the basic differences for you to make a choice between central and state government jobs. Also always go through the details before making choice for your career.


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