Government job VS Private job

The newcomers who want to start a career are often confused about which job to go for: government job or private sector jobs?.

Some of them might already make a choice during their final year of studies or some career are so dependent on their stream of studies to go for government jobs or private jobs?

Mostly the question is the same. So to talk about it lets differentiate between government jobs and private jobs and learn each of their specialties and demerits.

Before beginning to differentiate, lets keep in mind that:

  • We ought not to focus on some specific area since that way we may pass up on certain chances in another division.
  • We shouldn’t be reluctant to accept the danger as it is significant that we should have the mental fortitude to make significant strides.

The following states some differences between Government and Private Jobs:

1. Way of Recruitment:

There are questions that how to know about the vacancies available for the particular post.

The government (state or central government) always announced the details of jobs publicly through various mediums such as through websites and newspapers.

However, this is not applicable to the private jobs, they hire people by the clearance of the initial rounds for the recruitment process.

2. The job Security:

There are people who also take job security genuinely so to take care for their future. So it is an important factor to look after.

The administration work are 100% secure, giving you best open doors for not agonizing over loosing a vocation until you may manufactured it by driving it to end.

If we look at the private sector jobs the security is zero, which may be not fond of some people. S0 the risk is high for your future to secure.

3. Salary for the Job:

Well, this is one of the biggest concerns that new fresher may like to know very much.

The private sector is the preference according to this point because they provide a high salary for the employers.

However, The government may provide less salary as compared to private-sector jobs. But there is an increment in salary in the government sector.

4. Benefits provided:

When one seeks for a job, he/she always looks for the benefits that the job provides after the salary. Along with salary, one might look for the better benefits the different job gives.

The private job gives different benefits as compared to the government. It gives repayments for your costs, nearby bids for employment to travel abroad and so on.

However, The government job provide various facilities such as pension, hospital benefits, loans and many more

So we can say that each of the jobs has its own benefits. So making choices may take some time.

5. Leaves and Holidays provided by the Job:

When the question comes about the relaxation or leaves or holidays, the government job could be your first choice as they provide flexible holidays also all government sector follows government holydays some may not.

Anyway, the private part occupations may not keep this occasion rule as it is now expressed on their organization convention. They have to be present when called upon.

6. Growth

The government job declare the retirement of their job as per norms. which is nearly about at the age 60.

But the private sector job depends on your skill and your talent along with your performance you give to the company.

So we can say that a government job is quite safe than the private sector at this point.

7. Competition in the job

The quantity of opening and the number of applicants who apply decide the competition for both the job sectors.

With regard to government occupations, the whole nation’s populace with qualifications can go after that vacancy.

However it is different in private sector, you may know opening vacancy through other individual medium and only those can apply who actually have the specific skill that job demands.

But there is some disadvantages on government job selection, they vacant the seat according to the caste and reserve seats according to caste.

Whereas, the private sector does not care for caste system. They choose the person who posses the abilities that they required.

Hope this article helps you a little bit but always go through the details before applying.


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