Listening skill

Listening is the most important of all communication skills as we spend most of our time listening rather than other skills. It is an active process proceeded with greater attention.

Lets learn them in brief starting with listening and then how to improve our listening skills.

What is Listening?

Listening is the capacity to precisely get and decipher messages in the correspondence cycle.

Listening is vital to all-powerful correspondence. Without the capacity to listen successfully, messages are handily misjudged. Subsequently, correspondence separates and the sender of the message can without much of a stretch become disappointed or disturbed.

Listening is not Hearing:

Hearing is the primary phase of tuning in. Hearing happens when our ears get sound waves which are then moved to our cerebrum. This stage is our feeling of hearing.

Listening implies focusing not exclusively to the story, however how it is told, the utilization of language and voice, and how the other individual uses their body.

As it were, it implies monitoring both verbal and non-verbal messages. Your capacity to listen adequately relies upon how much you see and comprehend these messages.

Ways to Develop Listening Skill

  • We are normally talented with listening aptitude as we are people.
  • We can enhance it to have an edge over others.
  • Consistent, intentional practice alone can get an improvement.
  • Contemplation encourages you to improve focus, fixation expands listening expertise what’s a more, listening range.
  • You can go for some cerebrum exercise center, scholarly games, number juggling puzzles, PC games, and so on to improve it further.
  • A powerful urge to create is, above everything, fundamental.

Some tips for being a good listener:

  • Full Attention: Your attention is the most important. Do not get distracted by looking somewhere else rather than the speaker.
  • Focused mind: Your state of mind is needed while listening. You cannot listen if you are thinking of something else but the word what the speaker is telling you.
  • Let the speaker finish before you start talking: It is rude and creates confusion if you do not let the speaker finished his/her words. The complete sentence makes complete sense and makes you understand better.
  • Raise questions: If you do not understand what the speaker tells you about, just ask about the topic or have a query. Raising questions helps you to get the idea of the speaker better.

What is the Active Listening process?

The active listening process involves Hearing(what the speaker says), Filtering(this involves discarding of unwanted messages.), comprehending(this involves absorbing or grasping the message), Remembering(store the memory for the future) and the last one is Responding(respond about the message at the end of the communication).

Follow this to be an Active Listener.

Conclusion: Listening is top of all the skills that required in our life on every path that we take. It is not easy to achieve to be a good listener but is possible. Follow the above steps and keep practicing.


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