What after Graduation?

The headache always begins after your graduation because you don’t know what to do or what should I do next? It’s a dilemma that one always gets into after graduation.

But again you are not alone, 80% of the graduates get confused at this point. They all wonder what to do next, Should I continue my study or should I go for Job interviews or Is there something else I want to do?

And believe it or not, it is a normal question that every graduate has in their mind. So to help you with this dilemma, we have listed some ideas that you may like or want to follow.


Look for a job

It seems that 60% of the graduates start looking for a job, they start attending interviews and look for some opportunities.

Well if you are one of them who wants to take up a Job after graduation then you should start thinking seriously about it. You need to start working on your resume because it’s the first thing that you want to begin with.

There are benefits of getting jobs after graduation which may include:

  • First is financial stability,
  • Independence,
  • You start gaining experience at an early stage for your future career.

However, it is very hard to get a job that pays you a decent salary because as a graduate you lack an experience that interviewers are looking for. So the struggle is high at the beginning of the end of the graduation.

So you must first think seriously before thinking of going for a job considering if this actually you want to do. So that you may not have any regrets later.


There is always the safest path after graduation that is pursuing post-graduation. Even though you are not sure about the Job, whether should I do take a job or not. Simply go for post-graduation. You will keep studying and along with that, you get time to think about your future.

Nowadays competition is too high, industries and companies always look for the best one in their qualification, the higher the qualification higher your chances to get a job.

How post graduation help with you career?

  • Depth knowledge is always necessary.
  • You will get more experienced in your field of study.
  • Creates better opportunities for you to get hired.
  • PG always hikes your pay scale.
  • Higher your education higher your recognition.

If your decision is final for higher studies, you want to start researching for colleges and universities that you may find suitable for yourself without wasting any time because the competition is high.

Pursuing your Master’s Degree abroad gives you better opportunities and experience for your future. Not only that but contributes overall growth to your experiences. It has its own benefits:

  • One may discover a new passion.
  • Understanding culture.
  • Boosting your CV.
  • Skill enhancement.
  • You may learn new Languages and many more.

Here is a list of top 10 universities to pursue your higher education abroad-

  • Stanford University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • Yale University

Studying in the above mentioned Institution is the dream come true for every students.

Taking a Gap Year

A gap year is important and is the right choice for a student who want to take time off from studies and focus on themselves by doing activities that they want to do for long time.

Many students take a gap year after graduation for developing their skills for their future career, some go for a global tour, some prefer traveling and etc. It is a wise choice for graduates even if they need time to think about what to pursue next and can spare time.

So it is always OK to take a break from Academic life and try something new or something you have been for a long time to do. It clears your mind and makes you better mentally and physically.


There are many choices and opportunities, it is up to you what path you choose and what is best for you and for your future. There is also a path to start your business and BE YOUR OWN BOSS concept if you want to start on that.

But be open-minded, be perspective, be serious, and think positive because a career is not something that you can just choose in a snap of a finger.


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